Technical Difficulties…

I haven’t QUITE figured out how to post widgets from my LookBook account (Ok, so I’m ever so slightly ‘technologically inept’)… but in the mean time: check out my first look, and if you like what you see, please hype!! (I’ve posted a link below.)
Thanks guys 🙂 xox

Stevie’s New House




Ok, so I cheated a little with this post.. as you can see, the pictures are a bit prettier than usual. I haven’t really taken any camera pics in a while, and Christmas/visiting friends while they’re home for the holidays has been keeping me very busy. So here we have my latest purchase – a super boss-looking Habitrail “Twist” Ovo cage, or “the castle” as I like to call it 🙂 I’ve since done a lot of rearranging to the tubing, and will soon acquire not only more, but a whole second cage to create the ultimate hamster utopia 😀 (My sisters friend is donating her old Habitrail stuff for the cause!)